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2020-2021 Staff Application

Please click here to access the lit mag application. You will need to log in to your school Google account. Applications are due by April 3rd.  What is the Lit Mag?   Martin’s Lit Mag (literary magazine) is a national award winning, student-run magazine that features the art, writing, and photos from the students of Martin, published annually since 1982. If you want to sharpen your design skills, foster individual creativity, promote artists and be part of a fun class, apply for the Litmag 2020-2021 Staff.        Continue reading 2020-2021 Staff Application

The Deep and Dark by Ellie Justice

 You dipped your toes in the darkness, as though to test if it was cold, and i knew right when you shivered, you were more  scared than you had told, i wrote my words into a life ring, something to keep your world afloat, but against the strength of your nightmare, they were a saggy paper boat, i don’t know what the blackness told you, what wondrous things it planned to give, but i watched as the light died in your eyes, along with your will to live, i screamed your name to pierce the silence, but you were long … Continue reading The Deep and Dark by Ellie Justice

Dear Imaginary by Emerald Page

 Dear imaginary, You are like a touch that cant be felt A whisper that no one can hear A face that no one remembers  I feel you all around me even when I’m alone I feel a emotion I don’t know what to call it I feel happy, at peace, love  Feeling high and letting reality slip away I forget where I am and time is endless And nothing could ever go wrong  For some reason I feel like i need you Even though it feels like you are right there I’m scared this all a dream And when I … Continue reading Dear Imaginary by Emerald Page