The Deep and Dark by Ellie Justice

 You dipped your toes in the darkness, as though to test if it was cold, and i knew right when you shivered, you were more  scared than you had told, i wrote my words into a life ring, something to keep your world afloat, but against the strength of your nightmare, they were a saggy paper boat, i don’t know what the blackness told you, what wondrous things it planned to give, but i watched as the light died in your eyes, along with your will to live, i screamed your name to pierce the silence, but you were long … Continue reading The Deep and Dark by Ellie Justice

Dear Imaginary by Emerald Page

 Dear imaginary, You are like a touch that cant be felt A whisper that no one can hear A face that no one remembers  I feel you all around me even when I’m alone I feel a emotion I don’t know what to call it I feel happy, at peace, love  Feeling high and letting reality slip away I forget where I am and time is endless And nothing could ever go wrong  For some reason I feel like i need you Even though it feels like you are right there I’m scared this all a dream And when I … Continue reading Dear Imaginary by Emerald Page