Burial by Lilabeth Martchenke

Burial by Lilabeth Martchenke

Featured in The Coup: Shift, Vol. 29 (2011)

The dirt was coming down faster now, like more hands were now moving it. She tries hard to pull herself up on top of the loose dirt before another shovel emptied its contents on her.

Her panic was bubbling up and over, the clarity and precision she was known for was ebbing away. She imagined she could feel worms rubbing against her bare legs. She was exhausted and her foot was now stuck in the packed soil at the bottom of the hole she was in.

She knew how she would die. The cold from the dirt would seep into her bones, numbing her, stealing away the will to struggle free. They would never leaver her nose above the ground, so she could breathe, though it would do her no good. Every time she blew out to get a fresh lungful of air, her lungs would collapse, and the dirt around her chest would cave in and trap them, making them unable to expand to accommodate the growing need for oxygen.

She deserved it.

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