Life Lessons by Katie Mau

Life Lessons by Katie Mau

Featured in The Coup: Wanderlust, Vol. 31, (2013)

I learned a long time ago a very important lesson.
I learned a long time ago that I was special.
And just as the leaves fell from the trees every Autumn,
I grew older and learned new things.
I learned a while ago that I was part of a whole.
I was included in a generation that would be the future.
And just as the trees hid behind white coasts of heavy snow,
I learned that numbers in a book couldn’t define how much of that whole I would become.
Eventually, the trees were full again and the sun came back.
But I couldn’t move.
The seasons came and went, but I was lost in the new lesson that only some people really matter.
And the others are stranded in a void of the past.
A very long time ago, I learned that I mattered.
And somehow, that field of hopes became a graveyard of dreams.

Though the world tries to convince us all that we are nothing,
We all mean something to someone.
It took too many funerals for me to realize how true that lesson is.
I urge you to keep stepping forward.
Whether you believe it or not,

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