My Life by Drew Pelfrey

My Life by Drew Pelfrey

Featured in The Coup: Ode, Vol. 33 (2015)


Editor’s note: This is Drew Pelfrey’s life story, written in his own words. In order to preserve the authenticity of his story, minimal changes or edits have been made.

My life is sort of complicated from it all. First I was born the way you are if you are born a different way from life. I came out way to early. The reason is my mom was ill and I could not stay in side of her very long, since I gotten sick to.

I was in the hospital from more then two and a half months. I threw up all my food and drinks, there was nothing that I could do to stop it from happening to me. My family was shocked when they heard about me. My breathing was very low and little very little blood was inside me. What did they try to do? They have prayed for me to welcome me to the earth once again.

How do you say that I survived? Well my answer was that Gods heart and mind was there with me and my family. The doctors also did a wonderful job saving me too.

When my parents told me all of this was at age 10, even if I did not know what they were talking about, my mom and dad I told me in the way that I can understand. I want to learn more and more as it keeps on repeating on and on in my head. They believe in me to be in the world where all kids like me can be able to be there selfs.

One thing’s for sur. I am more then happy to be with family and friends.

Thank you all my family , my friends and the doctors and nurses for bringing my life back to where I belong.

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