Distant Memories by Jenica Kevil (2016)

April 15, 2015

The worst day of my life.

A brutal storm rolling in,

wind blowing,

thunder roaring, and fear began to set in my dog’s mind.

My sister, not thinking, let Frio outside.

This would be the last we saw her.

I was informed that my dog, my best friend, was missing.

Frozen in my tracks,

words nonexistent, only tears lingering.

Instantly I was filled with panic and fear.

Reaching for a flashlight I told my parents we had to search for her.

A silent,


dark night.

The smell of fresh rainfall hitting the cement.

The desperate cries of her name filling the air.



Each call sounding more and more desperate.

I kept wishing I would wakeup in my warm, cozy bed with Frio next to me.

This couldn’t be happening.

Reality set in after hours spent searching.

It didn’t seem to matter that it was 60 degrees and raining.

The only thought left on my mind was



Who now is just a distant memory.

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