The Writer’s Anguish by Jonas Hayes

The Writer’s Anguish

The writer uses the pen

to control the tides of emotion

Always letting the Light shine

but now loneliness has spread

And I cannot see his rays

so tears roll down my face

I must become this mighty hand

and pull myself into the Light

The sensations flow in vibrant colors

the Light returns.

The Power is something of gods

to control such passion

But it is raw

and even now

As I see the Light

I feel incredible sorrow

surround me

Swallowing the pain

I let it pull me

into the dark shadows.

My body tumbles

through nothingness

I have lost the Power

and have gone numb

Across the desolate place

I see a glimmer

of water

As I approach

a silhouette appears

It submerges into

the murky depths

I gaze into the pool

and see movement

The writer I see!


He is cold

writhing in his own anguish

His Light and Power far too gone

from his pitiful mind

Peering deeper

I notice

he is pathetic.

Loathing his worthlessness

I walk away

And hide in the darkness

waiting to find

the Light

the Power

I realize

maybe the writer and I

aren’t so different


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Instagram: @jonass728

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