Life in Color by Alyssa Carrasco

Why do you like to fall for the tricks of your mind?

Why do you like to look at the walls melt at your feet?

Does it relieve you to watch the world fall apart?

It is not the color of wistfulness

It is the color of the earth

And the blood which it sheds

But most of all

The walls that melt are covered in your blood

You substitute happiness with a feeling that makes you feel fictitious

But if I could

I would grab hold of you from the room of crumbling walls and show you…

I would show you the color of the sky as it blushes when it rises to kiss the hills

The color of the sea as envelopes the land

The color of the culture that rolls along the sidewalk

But You only see in black and white

You say it’s to relieve you of your afflictions

Yet you stand in a pile of your body’s debris and refuse to see in technicolor


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