Ode to the Pale People by Emma Collier

Here’s to the pale people.

The white girls.

The vampires.

The pigmentally challenged.

The flashlights in the dark.

The ones who burn differently.

They’re not tan,

And have no patience for the ones who point it out.

You can embrace them, laugh with them, bully them,

Stereotype them, envy them, or love them.

About the only thing you can’t do is break them.

Because they accept things.

They live.

They learn.

They grow.

They laugh.

They embrace.

They love.

They complete the human race.

Maybe they have to be pale.

How else would someone have coined the phrase “white girl”?

Or learned from the mistake of no sunscreen at the beach?

Or created people who love themselves

no matter how many times they’re compared to Caspar?

Because loving yourself is the primary step in loving others.

And it’s the ones that stand out that learn this first.

Love everyone.

unnamed (2).jpg

photography by: Mackayla Rai

instagram: emmacollier28
twitter: emmacollier28

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