The World We Need by Brandon King

With good comes bad and bad is evil

This world is filled with many kinds of people

All our diversity is a beautiful thing

Unfortunately some people want that to change

They fill our fresh air with negative thoughts

It may be the reason this world is so crazy

We hear cases of chaos in the news daily

Sometimes I have to stop and think

Are we as different as we believe to be

You never hear how much we are the same

When you think about it like that we are all to blame

We focus on our differences and not our similarities

If we just did that we are a step closer to harmony

This world around us is too good to make bad

How did we end up like this, it’s just too sad

Let’s strive to be good and love one another

We can make our lives great just accepting each other4656004423_ca8ea4d4dc_z.jpg

Photography by Andrew Sweeney

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