From Like to Love by Matt Franco

I thought I felt in like

What a beautiful moment

To fall in like

Such a vital component

Of life

But it was a lie

Because it was more than that

I more than liked her identity

Upon hearing her name

Arrived her previously presented qualities

Her personality

Her delicate sweetness was my weakness

Truly a masterpiece

Her heavenly bestowed elegance

And for her my heart became a residence

Neatly, perfectly, designed by the divine

Kept in my mind

You will never be left behind

On the note we left on I am NOT


My heart is heavy but

Ever far from broken but I’m

Greatly affected due to words unspoken

And having

Never said them, I

Hope to express them

And maybe even

Receive and have them

Repeated to me

I love you

Sadly it wasn’t just someone I liked but loved

This isn’t goodbye, for me it means to try

Again next time

And I’ll either live in hope for the day you say

And mean those words

Or live in hope that I find someone new

To love like I loved you.


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