Break the Silence by India Fitzgibbon

From the start everything was sweet and sentimental but she didn’t expect the hurt and disbelief that was to come

She didn’t know this love was a toxic entity that would soon break her to pieces

What she thought was true love was really just a horrid trap that she feared to break free of

A never ending merry-go-round of emotions

In public they were such a beautiful masterpiece; the smiles, the laughter, the cheeks blushing like pink roses that just saw the light of day

But behind closed doors was a complete different view; the constant arguing, the bruises, and muffled crying

She didn’t dare speak a word about it

Yet she came back everyday acting like nothing had even happened

Addicted to this bittersweet happiness

She loved him and he “loved” her

Tidal wave after another she was drowning in regret

As time went on she began tearing herself apart more than he had already done

What more did she have to lose?

She wants an end to it all

A safe haven

To break the shackles that bound her to this monster

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