Galaxy by Ellie Justice

I close my eyes and simply breathe. There is a darkness closing in a certain darkness I can’t quite tell what it is though. I open my eyes and look to the sky and wish I was staring into your eyes instead of the galaxy. You are my universe but what if we implode what if things drift and destroy what makes us so beautiful. I stretch my arms out as far as my paper thin skin will let me and hope that you see the same stars I do and feel the same pull to the galaxy as I do. The darkness reminds me that I am always truly alone, no one will ever feel the same pain i feel or the same twinge of hate I get when I see the look of love fade from your eyes. Your voice becomes harsher as you lie about your love for me. Your eyes became less gentle as i told you my worries and doubts. As you slowly slipped from my grasp I noticed you getting closer to her. I started to resent the stars and the moon and the galaxy as its whole. My whole world came crumbling down when you left when you walked away. I decided I wouldn’t look at the stars or watch the way the moon dances with the sun in a tango of love. I decided that if I had no galaxy then why must I do anything. So I simply close my eyes and breathe and hope to fall in love with a new star and constellations.

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