A Boy Needs His Father by Tony Morelan

You used to come home everyday.

And play basketball with me in driveway.

You would lift me up to dunk as if i were Michael Jordan.

We would go inside and eat moms tasty dinner,

then we’d go sit on the couch like potatoes,

and watch some basketball on Tv.

Then one day your Big Red Truck didn’t come home.

I played basketball in the driveway but it wasn’t the same.

Dinner didn’t taste delicious like it used to.

And there was no point in watching basketball on Tv.

A boy needs his Father.

We visited you and mom told us yall were getting a divorce.

I didn’t know how to feel other than depressed.

But that was five years ago.

And I’ve grown…

I’ve adapted…

I’ve matured…

Into a man.

I can tell you hurt without me and my brothers.

And it makes you weak same as me.

But that’s just the way it is now.

And i can tell it won’t change.

Not for awhile at least.

A boy needs his father.

And a father needs his son.

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