D-Hall by Josh Jones

D-hall was where I learned patience

D-hall was stationed in room 122

At the end of the hall

Right next to the principal.

You could get D-hall for about anything

Walking wrong

Talking too much

Not knowing when to hush

Not turning in homework would cause the teach to fuss

However if your charming you can get out of it by making the teacher blush

When the bell rung it was time to run

Down to D-hall before being late and getting another one

D-hall is where I learned patience

Watching studious students serge selfless teachers like doctors to patients.

D-hall taught me alot of life lessons

Listening to confessions

People selling concessions  

Everything from

Politics and upcoming elections

divorce, parent neglection

To drugs and Ms.Vacation

D-hall is where I learned patience.

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