My Brother’s Keeper by Diavian Spencer

Walking into the cool hospital room as I attempt to warm my hands.

Holding you in my arms brought tears to my eyes.

Innocence wrapped in a warm blanket.

My empty heart quickly with love and responsibility.

Four months pass as fast as lighting.

Curly brown hair scattered on your round head.

“ Look he’s trying to hold his head up,” Mom yelled with a smile as bright as the sun.

More time races by and you’re nine months old now.

You get into everything and trying to take steps already.

The goofy faces you make lighten up my day.

I whisper, “ Good morning bubby,” before driving to school every morning.

On February first, the tears are going to roll down my cheek once again because my best friend won’t be a baby anymore.

I never knew someone so small could have such an impact on my life.

You taught me to have patience and smile no matter the situation.

I love you unconditionally baby brother.

Image courtesy Niklas Gustavsson

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