Thank You by Timothy Clavier

I thank the boy who sprinted into kindergarten,

beaming with joy in the halls that smelled of Elmer’s glue

only to stay indoors because of his asthma

while the other kids went to play outside.


Because in a chilly corner of the room with little light

He drew countless sketches of hermit crabs

In the old and delicate pages of a blank coloring book

And eventually became an artist


I thank the boy who stared into the face of adversity,

As his lack of courage weighed him down like an anchor

Slowly destroying his self confidence.


Because on a wooden theatre filled with people

His taciturn personality soon hid away

As he recited the thousands of words from his note-filled script

And eventually became a performer.


I thank the boy who endured the journey of childhood,

And persevered through the stabbing obstacles of life

Through great trial and error.


Because on top of the massive, lit up stage

He will finally grab his fancy diploma to graduate

As he will enter the unknown realm of adulthood

And eventually become a man.

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