The Deep and Dark by Ellie Justice

 You dipped your toes in the darkness, as though to test if it was cold, and i knew right when you shivered, you were more  scared than you had told, i wrote my words into a life ring, something to keep your world afloat, but against the strength of your nightmare, they were a saggy paper boat, i don’t know what the blackness told you, what wondrous things it planned to give, but i watched as the light died in your eyes, along with your will to live, i screamed your name to pierce the silence, but you were long … Continue reading The Deep and Dark by Ellie Justice

Halloween Poetry Slam

Join us and have a spooktacular time at our annual Halloween Poetry Slam! Entry is completely free! We will have food and drinks for sale! If you’re interested in performing, click here and sign up! (Your work does not need to be Halloween-themed) You MUST be signed into your AISD Google account to sign up. The Poetry Slam will be on Tuesday, October 24th in the little art courtyard. We hope to see you there! Continue reading Halloween Poetry Slam

Packing Up Camp by Kami Mabry

My aunts my best friend We talked every week We are miles apart, but that never mattered Are calls were always happy and fun Till one day she called And asked for my mom… They talked for a while And I waited for them to get done come to find out my aunt, my best friend and my role model Had devastating news to tell me And she didn’t know how to say it I put the phone up to my ear and I hear “Pookie?” “I love you with all my heart.” She says that she’s sick, very sick … Continue reading Packing Up Camp by Kami Mabry

New York by Amaya Mundell

Even From miles and miles high in the sky the buildings still look so big. The pilot announces “Welcome to New York” This is it. The concrete jungle. The city that never sleeps. The city comes alive. It’s breathe, the cold wind that gusts through the streets. The veins the subway system that keeps everyone and everything connected. The heart, which has the same beat that the dancers on broadway dance to. The bones, the skyscrapers that keep the city standing tall. The taxis honking, the cameras flashing, It’s beautiful chaos. Walking through the city is like a movie. Central … Continue reading New York by Amaya Mundell

Ode to the Pale People by Emma Collier

Here’s to the pale people. The white girls. The vampires. The pigmentally challenged. The flashlights in the dark. The ones who burn differently. They’re not tan, And have no patience for the ones who point it out. You can embrace them, laugh with them, bully them, Stereotype them, envy them, or love them. About the only thing you can’t do is break them. Because they accept things. They live. They learn. They grow. They laugh. They embrace. They love. They complete the human race. Maybe they have to be pale. How else would someone have coined the phrase “white girl”? … Continue reading Ode to the Pale People by Emma Collier