1. What is the literary magazine?
    • an annually published magazine that features the art, writing, and photos from Martin Warriors.
  2. What is the Coup?
    • The Coup is the name of our magazine. It comes from the french phrase coup d’etat, which is defined as “a sudden surge of power from the government” or “a notable or successful stroke or move”. We want the name of our magazine to inspire students to use our publication as a means to strike out and find their voice. Besides that, it sounds pretty cool, too.
  3. How can I be a part of the magazine?
    • Submit! Turn your work into room 285B or click here for a chance to be published – we take art, photos, plays, music, and writing! If you’d like to be a staffer on the magazine, you’re in luck! There isn’t a prerequisite for the class; we hand out applications in room 285B at the end of the school year
  4. How can I have my work in the magazine?
    • Fill out a submissions form to room 285B or submit electronically. Continue to submit throughout the year!

If you have any unanswered questions, feel free to shoot us an email at mhscouplitmag@gmail.com

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