Adriana Torres

  • Editor-in-chief
  • Senior
  • Likes include: Marvel Movies, graphic design, music, binge-watching Netflix, and fashion
  • Favorite Musicians: The Drums, Coast Modern, and SZA
  • She also likes designing and taking very long naps


Nicole Cook

  • Editor
  • Senior
  • Likes include: Reading, writing, traveling, watching YouTube videos until two A.M.
  • Favorite Writers: Truman Capote, Maggie Stiefvater, Jane Austen, Naomi Novik
  • She has written some stories and a few first drafts of novels.
  • She also likes watching How to Get Away With Murder, Bojack Horseman, and Parks and Recreation.

image2 (1)


  • Advisor & Sponsor 
  • Likes include: Spending time with his family, herding “these crazy litmag kids”, and music
  • Favorite Musician: The Flaming Lips
  • Favorite Author: Kurt Vonnegut
  • Favorit Artist: Kandinsky
  • He also enjoys writing, drawing, and playing music occasionallypowell

Mandy Lok

  • Staffer
  • Senior
  • Enjoys: Laughing, traveling, napping, and procrastinating
  • Thinks One Direction is still good and that pineapple can go on anything and everything
  • Puns are the way to her heart
  • Has made it on a buzzed article and twitter moments because she was “twitter famous” for a dayIMG_6448

Yasmin Himsieh

  • Staffer
  • Senior
  • Likes include: Watching movies, reading, writing, and being a cool bean
  • Favorite Musicians: Jaymes Young, Melanie Martinez, Saint Motel, and more
  • She also loves loving Marlene Roddy720x1280.png.png

Justin McIntosh

  • Staffer
  • Senior
  • Likes include: Basketball, playing with dogs, and taking naps
  • Favorite Musician: Childish GambinoIMG_2195

Meredith Reilly

  • Staffer
  • Senior
  • Likes include: Debate, musicals, politics, sweating the small stuff and being way too involved in her friends lives
  • Favorite Musicians:  Idina Menzel, and Lin Manuel Miranda
  • Works at a Macaron shop


Sami Ellis

  • Staffer
  • Senior
  • Likes include: Gilmore Girls, hanging out with friends
  • Favorite musicians: Lady Gaga, Brand New, and musicals
  • She also likes to read and listen to musicIMG_2445

Mackayla Rai

  • Staffer
  • Senior
  • Likes include: Playing instruments and singing, writing, and doodling
  • Favorite Musicians: The Front Bottoms, Bullfighter, and Chance the Rapperimage2.JPG

Emily Canales

  • Staffer
  • Senior
  • Likes: swimming, shopping and hanging with friends
  • Favorite Musician: SZA or Sabrina Claudio

Drew Sequera

  • Staffer
  • Senior
  • Favorite type of music: Christian rap
  • Favorite movie series: Transformers
  • Likes to do photography

Bekah Alverson

  • Staffer
  • Senior
  • Likes: Jesus, music, all things Disney, Dr. Pepper, naps
  • Favorite Musicians: Paramore, John Mayer, Liza Anne, Selena Gomez

Bekah is on the right

Jewelz Olivares

  • Staffer
  • Junior
  • Favorite Musician: Dean Lewis (check him out, his song waves is awesome!)
  • Really likes to get out and see the world and sometimes experience the world through other people’s art. (That’s why you should submit to the Literary Magazine)

Michael Washington

  • Staffer
  • Junior
  • Likes include: Performing/Recording, Hanging Out, and Working Out
  • Favorite Musicians/Musical Artists: Lecrae, KB, Gawvimicheal6.JPG

Denise Miller

  • Staffer
  • Junior
  • Favorite food is tacos
  • Favorite movie is Hairspray
  • If you look at her full name and count all the letters you get 666 (she’s not the devil)


Emily Money

  • Staffer
  • Junior
  • Favorite musicians- the story so far, basement, tame impala, alicks, the neighbourhood, turnover
  • Enjoys- Photography, Writing and listening to spoken word poetry, going to concerts, doing makeup, and traveling
  • Favorite shows- Dexter, Shameless, Criminal minds, and Supernatural
  • Supports- LGBT, feminism, human rights, and mental illness awareness


Sarah Lewis

  • Staffer
  • Sophomore
  • Likes: Softball, Netflix, taking buzzfeed quizzes
  • Favorite Musicians: Twenty One Pilots, Panic! at The Disco, Blink-182, Vance Joy