Katie Beauford

  • Editor in chief
  • Senior
  • Likes include: Matthew Gray Gubler, film, Criminal Minds, music, and superheroes
  • Favorite writers: Charels Simic, Ray Bradbury, and Brandon Flowers
  • She also writes and drawsimage1

Audrey Dao

  • Creative Director
  • Senior
  • Likes include: Art, fashion, and “slaying everyday”
  • Favorite artists: Corrine Bailey Rae, Lianne La Havas, and Elie Saab
  • She also illustrates and blogs


Adriana Torres

  • Co-Creative Director
  • Junior
  • Likes include: Graphic Design, binge-watching Netflix, and fashion
  • Favorite Musicians: Tove Lo, Lorde, Troye Sivan, Blackbear
  • She also designs a newsletter for a local online bookstore and likes to sleepfullsizerender-1


  • Advisor & Sponsor 
  • Likes include: Spending time with his family, herding “these crazy litmag kids”, and music
  • Favorite Musician: The Flaming Lips
  • Favorite Author: Kurt Vonnegut
  • Favorit Artist: Kandinsky
  • He also enjoys writing, drawing, and playing music occasionallypowell

Nicole Cook

  • Staffer
  • Junior
  • Likes include: Reading, writing, and dance
  • Favorite Writers: Truman Capote and Oscar Wilde
  • She has written some stories and a few first drafts of novels.
  • She also likes watching How to Get Away With Murder, Bojack Horseman, and Parks and Recreation.image2

Jonathan Blinn

  • Staffer
  • Senior
  • Likes include: Piano, MOBAs, and literature
  • Favorite Musicians: John Darnielle and Simon and Garfunkel
  • He also enjoys writing, occasionally.960x1280-jpeg-b0f4c95c38cd4547aa8e1e297eba3c7f

Jewelz Hernandez

  • Staffer
  • Sophomore
  • Likes include: Music, going to concerts, and writing
  • Favorite Musicians: Abel Korzeniowski, Nikyee Heaton, and Ryan Beatty are a few
  • She also likes crime shows that solve cases because of all the twists in the plot


Julie Le

  • Staffer
  • Senior
  • Likes include: Understanding the art behind the creation of music, art, literature. Taking pictures, reading, and talking to people.
  • Favorite Photographers: Mario Testino, Peter Lindbergh, Annie Liebovitz, and Patrick Demarchelier

She also enjoys making music, photography and short films.


Justin McIntosh

  • Staffer
  • Junior
  • Likes include: Basketball and food.
  • Favorite musician is NF
  • He also enjoys sleeping in bed for a long time


Yasmin Himsieh

  • Staffer
  • Junior
  • Likes include: Watching movies, reading, writing, and being a cool bean
  • Favorite Musicians: Jaymes Young, Melanie Martinez, Saint Motel, and more
  • She also loves loving Marlene Roddy


Mandy Lok

  • Staffer
  • Junior
  • Likes include: Taking pictures, traveling, and hanging out with her “buds”
  • Loves One Direction even though they’re “over”
  • She also plays piano and sings
  • She once had a fish that only had one eye so she named it “fsh” (because he was missing an i, get it?)


Abeer Toma

  • Staffer
  • Senior
  • Likes include: Sleep, watching movies, reading, and sleeping some more
  • She also enjoys writing


Raistlin Necessary

  • Staffer
  • Junior
  • Likes include: Sleep, Netflix, and videogames
  • Favorite Musicians: Linkin Park, Twenty One Pilots, Three Days Grace, and Green Day
  • He also enjoys memes


Breanna Martin

  • Staffer
  • Junior
  • Likes include: Writing, poetry, playing the violin, and photography
  • Favorite writers include: Becca Fitzpatrick, and Shane Koyzcan
  • She also writes poetry and pursues photography
  • She’s vegetarian, would kill a man to meet someone from the TV show “Supernatural”, and plans to marry Brendon Urie.